Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Swimming in October! not so very cold....

We are having an unseasonably warm October. Most days are sunny in the morning, with just enough crispness in the air to remind you that it really is fall. The afternoons often cloud over, sometimes bringing humidity, rain and even lightening storms. Even when you get the really nice October days, the sea isn't always so inviting for a swim -- there can be high tides and choppiness.

Recently we've been getting lucky and have managed to have numerous swims in calm, cool and very clean water on the stretch of coast in front of our house known as the scogliera. It is so peaceful along the black rocks, usually with no or very few other people around, just us, the crabs, an occasional fisherman and the passing boats in the distance. It never fails, these swims clear the head, refresh the body, and make me feel like I am still on summer vacation.

The toddler loves being down by the water, too, and helps papa in his crab hunting and points at the birds and boats that go by. He is dying to climb on the rocks. I am more careful now and don't let him get too independent out there after he got his first scar scratching his big belly on some rocks this summer. I feel guilty every time I look at that scar! So, while being down by the water may not be as safe as a playground, we never get tired of family walks down to the rocks for quick dips and highly supervised toddler fun, as long as the weather permits!


  1. How nice to take a swim in October! I suffer terribly from even the slightest drop in temperatures, so am not very couragious about swimming after the regular season. I'm happy for you and your family!

  2. This reminds me of an october swim, me and my mom, back in my hometown south Tuscany. We still cherish the memory of the flat and clear waters, the empty small rocky beach, and, above all, the lovely sound of the water as we swam slowly...

  3. Come on my blog, there is an AWARD for you!


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