Saturday, November 15, 2008

Snowy Etna

After a very rainy few days, yesterday it was sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, and very beautiful.

And then for the surprise of the day.

Driving home from Catania I got a clear view of Mount Etna (not always easy due to views obstructed by clouds or buildings), and discovered that overnight it had become covered in snow. It is a magical sight to see a mountain transformed with its first snow cap of the season.

And it brings to mind the saying I've heard countless Catanese use: where else can you make a trip to the snow and the sea in the same day? Of course, being from Los Angeles, I think, 'hey that's our line'. Because LA is another city where you can drive to snow capped mountains and the beach in the same day, not to mention the desert!

Now I am tempted to make a family trip up to the snow....let's see if we get around to it before it melts.

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  1. wow wow wow, absolutely amazing view
    i notice you live in sicily (and have linked me to your blog)
    i live in crete, and i am very interested in island life other than on the island i live - i think we are better off than living in larger places.
    nice to meet you, i'll be visiting more often


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