Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday breakfast in Sicily: Granita, brioche and a shot of espresso

Sunday morning Sicilian breakfast
almond granita with a shot of espresso coffee poured on top, accompanied by a brioche 

HOW to eat:
spoonfuls of almond granita with occasional morsels of brioche dipped in the coffee 

Acireale, Pasticerria Costarelli
the loveliest nearby town, a well-known bar/pasticceria with a highly regarded reputation for making anything sweet and almond, particularly granite

tingling taste buds, awake! 
speedy photo shoot of lovely architectural details and nearby piazzas

peaceful, happy, nap time drive home
wonderful Etna panorama off SS114


  1. that mountain is beautiful
    and teh breakfast delicious

  2. That's my kind of breakfast! But we can't get granita out of summer here. Breathtaking photos.

  3. This goes on our "to do" list when I vist this summer - there is at least a 50% chance that all of my requests will be food related! LOVE YOU

  4. I couldn't figure out how to post with my name - so anoymous is me - SIS in California

  5. Came to your blog from Verona DP. A good friend of mine lives just outside Catania (I think its Mascalucia) and I love Sicily. I remember her taking me for a granita and brioche breakfast.

  6. What a decadent breakfast...lucky you!

  7. OH MY GOD!! My cousins live behind that church. Now I am soooo sad. I WANT TO GO BACK SOOOOO BAD!!!

  8. Can I start a flame war about the best bar in Acireale? Maybe because I go there everyday, but Cipriani's (opposite San Sebastiano) granite are much better :) Pity s not facing the square but San Sebastiano's architecture fills the gap. And, on another note, in San Nicolo' there's a very good, clean, playground, a bit of a drive from Acireale, but hey!

  9. Fantastic granita! We have a couple of sicilian bars here. I went to one of the two many many times to eat arancini and cassata icecream! I have also tasted the coffee granita and panna with brioche, which was surprisingly good (I doubted the mix of ice and brioche...). I am pretty sure yours is much better...

  10. When I was in Sicily in 1983 for 3 months, I had brioche and gelato for breakfast every day! delicious.
    Thank you for posting about Sicily I love my parents country it's so beautiful. They come from Termini Imerese, PA.


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