Saturday, March 14, 2009

Capomulini for a Sicilian lunch

Capomulini is another one of those perfect little fishing villages that dot my stretch of the Sicilian coast. It is among the nearby towns that we frequent often, mainly for family lunches at the wonderful seafood restaurant, il Porticciolo, which, based on my father-in-law's knowledge of the best seafood restaurants in the area, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a meal of frutti di mare in an idyllic, relaxed setting right on the water.

Capomulini (tranlsation, 'the windmill cape') itself is tiny and feels secluded since it is reached from a very narrow road that shoots down to the coast from the SS114. Few houses, several restaurants and a lovely little port with a small stretch of sandy beach, a cement parking lot and large lava boulders is what awaits you, with the highlight being the crystal clear water and spectacular view of the Ciclopi and Lachea islands viewed from a different angle than what we see from home. 

Yesterday's lunch was a welcome treat with our newly arrived sunny, yet still coolish days making any chance to sit near the water and take in the lovely views a joy. The food was wonderful and typical for such gatherings with my in-laws--sea urchins eaten in many forms (raw straight from the shell, as a bruschetta topping, and as a sauce for spaghetti), abalone and scampi also eaten from their shells, and little shrimp and 'neonati' (newborn fish) dressed with olive oil, lemon and red pepper flakes, and finally grilled lobster followed by fresh wild strawberries. Yes, they are gluttons for seafood and after many such lunches, I too have become one!

About three hours later my sore bottom and full belly were crying out for a walk along the water. The slight breeze and cool air did me good and gave me a chance to snap a few pictures from my cell phone (how could I have forgotten my camera?), the best of which you see above.
And yes, that is lovely Mt. Etna that you see in the background, looking absolutely perfect on this sunny day with its white snow cap still seeming large. 

I should also mention that although we left our little one at home (he naps when others lunch), this restaurant is not a bad place for kids since there is plenty of room for roaming and fun to be had down by the water during moments of restlessness. That said, we got home just in time to scoop my son up from his afternoon nap. The rest of the day felt a bit longer than usual (a little wine goes a long way with me!) but it was well worth it for the Capomulini experience. 


  1. Either your cell phone has a really good camera or it's so beautiful there it makes poor technology seem good. I'm guessing it's the latter...

  2. I agree, my Mom has had a summer apt there for many years. It is one of my favorite places for swimming in the blue clear Ionian sea and for awesome seafood..Beautiful photo.


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