Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catania cool

photo credits: light line

Date night.

Dinner at the Japanese restaurant Oxidiana for some decent sushi made by two young Japanese chefs. 
Hip, crowded scene. 
The sound of English speakers (this place is popular amongst the Sigonella crowd I hear and the restaurant manager is American as well). 
Am I really in Sicily?

After dinner drinks at Bonu'. They call themselves a design bistro with lunch, brunch, happy hour & store.
This was a first. Hubby had been taken here on a solo visit years ago and he suddenly remembered it.
Modern high rise. Steps going down into a long outdoor corridor filled with tables, candlelight, smokers. 
Inside a series of connected rooms, all different, all funky. Long bar, artsy chairs, buffet treats, another scene. 
And scattered throughout this funky interior are funky things to buy. A little boutique in a bar. 
We browsed, we sat, we sipped, we chatted (I'll have to go back for some buying). 

Felt like old times. Just the two of us. 


  1. i know what you mean when you say ask yourself if you are really in sicily
    crete is smaller than sicily, and hania is an even smaller part of that island, so our view of the world can be rather narrow
    i sometimes wish i could take a break away from the island, as it is very close-knit and remote, so it makes me feel very isolated from the rest of the world - sometimes this is a bonus, but we all sometimes feel the need to be an energetic part of society

  2. I hope you enjoyed the sushi, I love it!Our fav Japanese restaurant is so cutting edge, whenever we go there I feel like as if I was in London...

  3. Wow, lucky you! Both for the sushi and the date night out! How nice!

  4. Wow sushi! In North Carolina where I spent a number of years we call this 'bait'. But my husband loves it. Won't let him see this post because he will want to move there instead of Giulianova. It looks like a really nice place. Sometimes it is just nice to sit in a modern place rather than a 400 year old restaurant.


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