Friday, March 20, 2009

Indoor play fun in Acireale

A new place to bring the little one to play. Indoors. Its name--Cocomambo--implies that and much more. In fact, it  can also be rented out for birthday parties, has a space used for latin and caribbean dance lessons for grown ups, and serves food and drink.

The basic setup is a typical Italian bar out front, with a large, high-ceilinged, sock-only space in the back filled with soft, bouncy play equipment. That's the area I was happy to learn about through this word of mouth discovery. 

Included in the 2 Euro for 15 minutes, 3 Euros for 30 min, 4 Euros for an hour price is a nice young lady who will play with your kid. If my little one was older he might have been very happy playing with this young 'teacher' like the other little girl we met that day, while her parents were in the cafe relaxing with a cup of coffee. Since adults are not allowed on the play equipment, my little one was fine with me cheering him on from the sidelines while the 'teacher' and other little girl lead him through the mazes, up and down the slides, on the trampoline, you get the idea---a lot of running, laughing, screaming and climbing. Pure soon-to- be 2 (years old) energy release. 

Great fun for the little one, a little break for mommy, and a new place to add to my things to do with kids in the area list. Especially on a rainy day.


  1. Great Blog,
    Is there anyone out there that can give me some insight on the cost of living at Aci Castello?
    I may like to retire in the area which I am acquainted.Many years ago.
    To simplify matters can two persons live on approx. $36.000 U.S. per year? Including rental,food,health insurance,utilities etc. etc.
    Thanks a million.

  2. I wish there was something like this for the kiddies in Pos!


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