Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Mainland

Some days more than others I really feel like I am living on an island.

The incredible view we caught to the north this past weekend was a simple reminder of this fact. In the picture above you can clearly see the craggy outline of Taormina on the left which appears to be meeting the toe of Italy, otherwise known as Reggio Calabria, on the right. I am always surprised to realize how close these two masses of land really are, as we don't usually get such views from where I live.

I do find living on an island to be special, which must have something to do with all that coastline, views like the one I saw this weekend, crazy island winds and the like. Come spring, I also find the scent of the air on an island to be special too. 


  1. I miss Sicily so much in Termini Imerese they have a spectacular view of the sea and Monte San Calògero from their Belvedere! The serpentine road that goes to Termini Basso. How I miss the landscape of that Island. One day I'll be back, hopely not to old to walk down to Termini Basso or the beach at Porto like I used when I was 18. Lucy

  2. "hopefully" I meant to say not "hopely"

  3. i love living on an island - you are never far from the coast, and it's uplifting being able to view the sea most of the time wherever you find yourself on the island

    i think today we are headed fro red rain, as the air is thick with dust and showers are forecast

  4. Great photo and I agree about islands. As a Brit, I think that's partly why I am so at home here. I now call Sicily "my island" and Britain "my other island".


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