Thursday, March 26, 2009

Roma eats

My sister and her family will be visiting Italy this summer. For her two boys and husband, it will be a first and they will be making must see stops in Florence and Rome before heading down to Sicily. Of course I offered to help with their itinerary and have been enjoying doing some research and keeping a lookout for good finds. 

So, I was excited when I came across this NY Times article about Roman trattorias. It has been awhile since I lived in Rome and it is great to discover new places.  And although I did live there for four years, the places written up in the article are all new to me. Our own neighborhood trattoria, which was very much like those described in the article, sadly closed down soon after we moved there. 

Any romans out there want to add their two cents about the restaurants reviewed in the article or to give a new entry to the list of best Roman trattorias?

P.S. The photo was taken from the roof terrace of our apartment in Rome and is a view of basilica San Giovanni in Laterno.


  1. You lived in Rome? WOW! I am jealous... Thank you for the article, we will take any reviews, suggestions, about Rome, as we are also heading that way with my mother, and mother in law. Looking forward to great food and beautiful architecture.

  2. Hi Beatriz. Yes, Rome is a great city and part of me wishes I was there instead of here! You will have a great time and let me know if you try out any of those restaurants! If you are looking for other tips, I would be happy to share other favorites things to do in Rome.

  3. I have some restaurant suggestions for them while they are in Florence on the Florence page of my blog. Good for them for visting. We all need more visitors!

  4. Hello! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog over the last months (I've also got a little boy, 2 last month!) and I wondered if I could possibly ask you for a big favour! I am finishing a guidebook to Sicily for Footprint Handbooks at the moment and am looking for 'local tips'. It can be absolutely anything at all - in fact, I could even pull a few words from your entry on Catania cool if you'd let me! They would go in the book just as you wrote them, with your name and a link to the blog. I realise this is a very big 'ask'! Please write to me at maryann.gallagher at if you think you might be able to help. I would very much appreciate it! All the best, Mary-Ann


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