Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Antiques in Cannizzaro?!

Although I practically live in Cannizzaro (a frazione, or what I like to call suburb of Aci Castello) I had never spent time in the neighborhood's historic center until a few days ago. We were on an errand and looking for a nearby solution to avoid the traffic and headaches that a drive into the longer-distance solution, Catania, usually entails.

And we lucked out!

We found the pet store we were after (needed a new bird feeder--don't ask!), I got to drive through this pleasant stretch of small, step back in time Sicily, and, best of all, we discovered a newly opened and really wonderful antique shop right in our little area and did not leave empty handed.

The shop is owned by a young  furniture restorer and accordingly sells mostly furniture, but also smaller objects, ceramics, paintings, jewelry, old books and prints, etc. The shop is too my liking because it is not a high end antique shop--you know the type which makes you feel like you have to hold your breath and tip toe quietly through. But it is not a divey, dusty thrift shop that gives you the sneezes either. Somewhere right in between, with enough sense of mystery to make it possible to hunt for that affordable something special that may require a little TLC to return it to its rightful condition. And if you personally are not up to the challenge of nuturing your find back to life, then Simone the restorer will do it for you for a fee. 

Needless to say, a few finds we did make...one of which was spotted from the road and was responsible for drawing me in...the child's chair you see pictured up top. I just couldn't resist and toddler seems to be enjoying it too!

So while Cannizzaro is not really a destination of its own, if you happen to be driving through or are a lover of old stuff keep an eye out for Affari in Soffitto mercato dell'usato, located at 136 via Firenze, Cannizzaro (Catania).

P.S. you might be able to get a better feel for the place and rustic Sicilian antiques if you click on the photo up top. 


  1. Have to check this out when I get back! I'm looking for a rocking chair...

  2. Ack, you must go back and buy the madia!! The trough thing near the door. At least, I think that it's Italian name is la madia. It is used for making bread and my Sicilian friends had them. I have a new one, but oh how I would love an old weathered and loved one - sigh!

  3. I would love one of those, but then I would need a lesson in Sicilian bread making!


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