Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is this cheating?

We had a lovely pasquetta with all the right ingredients--adult friends, playmates for the little one, plenty of food and drink, and even mostly sunshine!

Our grill was put too good use after a long, cold winter. 

But using a blow drier to speed up the coals? My question to you, should that be considered ingenious or cheating? 

We are not hardcore bbq-ers, so in our home, it is called just plain old efficient!


  1. I don't think so, I would say creative, or maybe hungry or like you said efficient. As long as you have fun!!! now I'm hungry again!! ;-)

  2. Cheating or not, it's pretty clever!

  3. this is such a finny post
    my husband ALWAYS uses a blow drier to speed things up in the bbq (i always manage to get the job done without one!)

  4. This must be a Sicilian thing, my hubby, his brother, and father ALL use it! It seems however the tradition will end with our little one as we were given a gas-grill for Christmas, which is so much faster than even the drier.

    Looking forward to reading more of your sicilian adventures with your little boy.

  5. HAH! I had never even considered it!!

  6. Seen blowers being used in restaurants in Florence and Naples. Remember the old blacksmiths and their bellows or the bellows for home fireplaces/ This is just the modern bellows. Enjoy reading your great blog!


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