Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lovely facades

More interesting Catanese architecture.

Since I last posted on the art deco in decay I have been noticing more turn of the century period buildings in Catania that really are gorgeous. And there are so many of them in the heart of the historic center. Sometimes it is just a matter of looking up for a second on a drive through the city to catch something amazing.

Here is one.....

...and here is something a bit more unusual and I have no idea to what period it dates. Maybe someone more knowledgeable out there can give me some insight?

Looks like black river stones were used to decorate the top floor of this building's facade (this kind of stone is more commonly seen on outdoor pavements for a mosaic effect) whereas small volcanic stones were used to decorate the upper portion of the bottom floor. The differences in texture are not easy to see on first glance since the colors of the two stones are so similar, but a pretty clever use of local materials I'd say. Click on the photos to see all the details!


  1. Oh.oh..oh...sooo beautiful! That was my reaction befor the clicking on the photo's. Really, thx for sharing. I should send this bloglink to my neighbour (his name is Catania and he's from Catania...yep, that's what I'll do, put this on his facebookwall...)

  2. That second building is very interesting. I'm not an architectural historian, but I think it has an art nouveau feel about it. I'd guess turn of the twentieth century, but I'm not expert. Doesn't really matter though, it's just beautiful to look at!

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  4. AND AGAIN!!.....second try: I have sent the link to my neighbour, he was really happy to see your photos. Even explained a few things to I think he'll visit your blog more often ;-)


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