Friday, May 29, 2009

Here we go again!


It's that time again. Packing for two for a wild adventure to southeastern Turkey. This is my work, my family, my passion. I can already picture the city of Diyarbakir, the objects I will be working on in the museum, our happy reunion with hubby/papa who left a week ahead of us, the food I will be eating, the markets I will be shopping in.  And that is just the beginning of the adventure...

But first I have to get through tomorrow, a long day of organizing, packing, preparing, double checking, and then I have to make it onto the first of three planes departing at at 7:15 am Sunday morning. Much to do, much to look forward to and no time to think about what I will miss.

I am predicting it will be almost impossible for me to post or keep up with my favorite blogs, but please know I have not forgotten about you, and if you are curious to know more about where I will be check out this web site.

Happy June and look forward to catching up in July!


  1. That's so interesting and exciting! Have a great time. I hope you'll post about your experiences (including lots of photos) when you return.

  2. Just seen your reply about meeting in the piazza, guess we'll have to wait until you get back now, Once again have a safe jouney. Can't wait to see you photos.....

  3. Ciao Karen,
    so have a nice stay in Diyarbakir and surroundings!!!
    Had a look at your posts, complimenti per il blog!!!

  4. What a wonderful adventure! Have a great time. We are hoping to make it to Turkey in the fall.

  5. Have a wonderful trip and safe travels! I really enjoy following your blog, and I wanted to share an award with you. Check it out on Ciao Amalfi:
    Have a wonderful June!

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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