Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wild, Prickly, Sweet (artichokes)!

Wild artichokes are small, extremely prickly, have very little meat, but are oh so worth it. We prepared them the easy way--pre-cooked by someone else! They were the hot item for sale this morning at the farmer's market. The vendor had collected them himself, cleaned them, cut his hands who knows how many times as he prefers not to wear gloves (that can't be true), boiled them in huge vats, and sold them for only 4 euros a kilo.

Once home, we all got a lesson on how to eat them. So simple, even a 2 year old can learn how to do it (ours really loved learning how to eat these!). Basically, it is just as a normal artichoke, only beware of the needle sharp leaf tips. The little bump at the bottom of each leaf, scraped off against the teeth, is a small hint of what's to come. The tender heart is small, so so sweet, and can be eaten in one bite, choke and all. Pure artichoke flavor. Absolutely my kind of Sicilian delicacy!


  1. I'd seen those before, but I had no idea what they were, (which is silly because, duh, they look like artichokes.)

  2. KC, the next time you see them, you should take some home with you!
    MK, hope you get a chance to try them as they really are delicious.


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