Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Bianca

You'd think she had been living with us forever based on this photo of a comfortably napping kitten in her favorite dappled sunlight afternoon spot. 

But it was this scrawny but adorable critter who decided we were to adopt her a mere two days ago when she showed up on our doorstep after playing peek-a-boo with our son the day before. We think it was love at first site. 

The toddler is overjoyed with his new playmate (and scratch free, this is a tolerant kitty), and I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after years and years of repressing my cat-loving nature. I can finally forget about all those what-ifs that have made having a cat impossible. Now we have a yard, we will be able to teach the kitten to remain outside and hopefully retain her ability to get along with the stray cats that prowl our neighborhood, also making it possible to have her fed by a neighbor if we go away for extended trips. And, as for the big what-if, what if we end up moving one day? Well, in that case, she just may have to come with us.  


  1. Lovely kitten, and what luck that you found each other...

  2. Congratulations, she looks adorable! Looks like she found her home and I am very happy for both of you ...

  3. She's chosen well - sensible kitty.

  4. Aw, looks like a cutey-pie! Congrats on being chosen as worthy to be a cat parent!


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