Saturday, August 15, 2009


Emily's post about visiting this beautiful garden in Catalgirone and Megan's post about enjoying time on her gorgeous terrazzo made me think about my own little piece of paradise right here in our backyard.  How lucky we are to be surrounded by this wonderful yard full of luscious greenery that in the spring and summer is bursting with life. It is here when the afternoon shade takes over that we spend our best hours lounging, playing, exploring and, most importantly, staying cool.

The pleasantness of our yard has shaped our summer afternoons. Toddler wakes up from his nap, after a cuddle or two on the couch and little bit of TV, we wander outside barefoot, play with Bianca the kitten, inspect our vegetable garden for any ripe pickings, and delight in the coolness of the grass on our feet and any sea breeze that might reach our cheeks. Soon hubby joins us and if the soil is dry, out comes the hose for an afternoon watering. The tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis and peppers get thirsty in the hot summer sun. As do our newly planted fruit trees--lemon, tangerine, lowquat, avocado. 

I love this ritual and the balance that spending time with the earth backyard play creates in our summer routine. So in thinking about the special place greenery and shade have in our long hot summer days, I realize that Sicilian summers are not only about water after all. But when the hose does come out for a watering, you can bet that pretty soon after toddler's clothes will be off and there will be a naked wet little boy tearing through the yard, often with a wet kitten darting after him. I guess that brings me back to my last post: a little water thrown into the mix never hurts! 


  1. Is that really your backyard? Wow! You weren't kidding when you called it a little piece of paradise, were you? Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful and lush, and extra special with a sweet toddler and kitten. Stay cool and enjoy every moment ...

  3. i love gardens like this - the most important aspect of them is the shade and the cool respite from the generally hot weather of the mediterranean


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