Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Travel plans

When we were getting ready to move back to Italy in the spring of 2008, my sister announced: August 2009 we will come visit you in Italy. The 'we' being herself, husband and two adorable children, the later three of whom had never been to Europe before. 

Being a last minute planner myself,  the pronouncement barely registered at the time. Who can get excited for supposed visitors a year plus prior to the actual visit?   

But eventually spring 2009 did arrive and suddenly my big sis was sending me possible dates for a visit. And soon thereafter a copy of a flight itinerary. So I guess they're really coming. Was that a twinge of excitement I felt in my bones? 

And then I found myself doing research for my sister on accommodations in Rome and Florence. And soon big sis dared to ask: Would we be able to meet them in Rome?  And of course my response was: too far away to plan, who knows how the toddler will be doing or if we will be up for traveling then. Let's wait and see.

And suddenly it is July, and we are still wavering. Where will we stay, will it be too hot, will the little one have fun. But as I waver and as their departure time nears, I know I cannot bear to have my sister and her family in Italy a whole 10 days before I get to see them in Sicily. The rest will follow and it won't matter how hot it is, where we stay, or even what we do. What is important is that first big hug in the airport. Seeing my little boy with his American cousins again. Sharing some of my favorite things about Rome with them. This is an opportunity that cannot be passed up. 

Hubby senses my excitement and decides to join us. Two weeks ago we booked our tickets. 

Yes, dear sis, we will be meeting you in Rome! 


Have a good week and I'll let you know if it was worth it when we get back (but of course it will be!).


  1. Have a blast! I met my mom and brother in Rome two winters ago for just a few days as they were passing through, and it was such a fun time. Look forward to hearing about it!

  2. of course! you are so right....the rest will fall into place. enjoy every second.

  3. I came to this post a little late - you are probably in Rome by now ... but I still want to wish you a happy trip and reunion with your sister. So nice that you can share Italy together :)


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