Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another photo

New year of blogging, new blog photo.

Quintessential Catanese coast--this shot captures the lovely Isola Lachea just in front of the fishing town, Acitrezza, and part of the mythical Ciclopi islands. The colors and lighting are typical of this time of year. Now that I have kayaked around these islands many times, I know that Lachea is not pure black lava rock, but striated with bright white bands that create the most beautiful patterns, and that seagulls are always perched on the naturally stepped surfaces. I have also read that a special species of lizard inhabits the island, but have yet to see one myself. From Acitrezza there is a fisherman that will give you a ride to the island on his boat--I saw him going back and forth all summer long, leaving sunbathers free to wander, relax and swim in in the clear, emerald green water that surrounds the little island.


  1. Oh yes! One of my last weekends in Italy (while largely pregnant) we went with our Sicilian friends out on the fisherman's boat to take a closer look at the little islands. It was a wonderful day, thanks for bringing back such a good memory!

  2. Wow, that is one great picture. Wonderful!


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