Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October kayaking

After a period of stormy weather, the sun is shining strong, the sky is cloudless, and the water has returned to its clear blue and calm self once again. With this surely short lived return to summer, we jumped on the opportunity for a morning paddle. Since May, my husband and I have become sea kayakers. All summer we diligently headed out to the water, lugging the kayak down the stairs, once or maybe twice a week if we were lucky. Since we have decided we are not hardcore enough to invest in wetsuits and weather colder temperatures in a kayak, this paddle may have been one of our last of the season.

I have been meaning to write about the joys of sea kayaking all summer, but it took me awhile to figure out how to take pictures without risk of damaging a camera. These photos were taken in mid September.

When the time does come to call it quits for the season, I will be sad to store the boat away. This new hobby has really grown on me and I will miss the serenity of our paddles. As we have gotten better at paddling and navigating the water, our journeys have become more pleasant and focused. We usually head towards Acitrezza and the Cilope islands. In the other direction is Catania, more boat traffic but with some dramatic rocky cliffs and caves to admire. No matter which way you go, being on the kayak gives you a whole new appreciation of the coast. I love when we pass the fisherman in their colorful row boats. The ever changing formations of the lava rock. By the islands the water becomes emerald green and in the summer it was crowded with small boats full of people enjoying the lovely spot. Now that summer is over, it feels like we have the sea all to ourselves.

A kayaking outing would not be complete without the reward of a final swim in the sea. The sea is much cooler now, but oh so refreshing.  


  1. I guess Taormina would be a fair hike for you by Kayak?

  2. Beautiful pictures! And I agree, there's nothing more peaceful than spending a morning on a kayak. And you have such lovely waters to explore!

  3. Very descriptive... I was almost there... ohhh the crystalline waters. How I miss them. Lovely pictures!

  4. Yes, Lucia, Taormina would be one very long hike...we hoped to make past Capomulini one day, maybe next year!

    Thanks Emily:)

    Hi Ellie, glad you enjoyed the kayaking...

  5. You are very adventurous! Lovely sea photos.

  6. Wow! Beautiful photos and fun adventures! I would like to kayak along the Amalfi Coast. I hoped to try this summer, but the waters are already a bit chilly. Always something to do next year!


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