Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some loveliness

Lovely item #1
A large flat envelope from the U.S., addressed to me in the most beautiful calligraphy, arrived today. I looked at it in awe. Who could this be from? What does it contain? But as soon as I opened it, I knew exactly what it was. These are the long awaited cards from Janis, which I won long enough ago to have been completely surprised by their arrival today. This is really due to the amount of time it takes to get mail here in Sicily. For a letter sent by regular post it literally takes weeks. I knew they would eventually make it, so had put it out of my mind completely. What a wonderful surprise and how happy I am to have received these cards which show an example of the talented Janis' original artwork: a linocut of 'Meeting the Wolf of Gubbio'. I never asked Janis who the woman in the print represents, but I am assuming the wolf is the one said to have terrorized the city of Gubbio until it was tamed by St. Francis of Assisi. I love the idea of the wolf being tamed by an animal-loving woman. Could this be Janis herself? I am such a fan of Janis' work, you should really check out her blog!

Lovely item #2 
My sister gave me such a special gift during her visit this summer. She purchased this gorgeous hand painted ceramic tile in Florence by Elisabetta Di Costanzo of Arte Creta and surprised me with it here in Sicily. After some deliberation, I have now found the perfect home for it: on the kitchen wall where it brings happiness to all of us every day, in the room we spend perhaps the most family time in, cooking, playing and of course, eating. I love the colors, the artist's technique and most of all the loveliness of the words at the bottom...'I want my house open to the sun and wind and the voice of the sea and light, light everywhere!!..' Thank you sis!


  1. agreed... both are lovely.

  2. Ciao! Lovely lovely for sure! I'm heading over to check out Janis's blog now. Thanks!

  3. Both items are very lovely indeed. Thank you for showing them to us.

  4. arte creta - that sounds so cretan!

    ps i speak to my kids in both greek and english, but they still need guidance in written english. the schools provide some help on that, but it is never enough. with more and more multimeida available for kids to use, the job of language learning is getting easier...

  5. I love both of them! And I also love that both of them caught you by surprise.

  6. Love you Kari - I'm so glad the tiles in your kitchen & so many beautiful things you've given in is in mine - this way we think of each other ever day! xo, M


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