Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playground update

Although a visit to the Parco Gioeni requires a drive along Catania's often congested circonvallazione, it may be worth the hassle once you get there. This very urban park is perched on top of a hill and is a pleasant mixture of brick walkways, dirt paths and lots of greenery, despite the concrete jungle that surrounds it. The park is big enough and closed off enough that it feels safe to let your kid run loose. Walking down the different pathways will lead you to hidden nooks of functional play equipment, basketball hoops, and skateboarder friendly cement, giving a sense of exploration and discovery to the little ones. And as you wander towards the open platform at the far end where the dog walkers gather, you will discover the impressive view of Catania's coastline stretching out far below you. If you look hard enough you will also find the remains of an ancient aqueduct nearby. After the fun we had here this weekend, this spot may have moved to my number one Catanese playground destination.


  1. A play ground with a view and remains of an ancient aqueduct - not bad!

    ...nice to have a green spot in the middle of a city, that is for sure :)

  2. This park is right in the middle of Catania? Crazy! Sounds like a great sight to see!

  3. Yes for Catania, it is a find...mainly because it is big, green, and not completely derelict! If you ever make it there Emily let me know what you think.


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