Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big, Little and Blue

I love the contrast of the small fishing boat against the large ship as it slowly moves across the horizon. I am taking in all this blue as we prepare to pack bags and head home for the holidays. And that blue is something powerful. Being down on the rocks this morning, so sunny and peaceful and overwhelmingly blue, I was able to relax and let all thoughts about the upcoming travels slip away from me. The mesmerizing effect of the morning stayed with me all day, through an impromptu family lunch chez nous and the usual afternoon/evening routine. Now if I can keep those sweet blue dreams with me tonight and every night to get me through the next few days one calm step at a time I will really believe in the power of blue. 


  1. Just came across your blog via Figs and lemons .
    I was born in Sicily and adore reading any thing about life there, still have tons of relatives and have been back many times to visit.
    I have my citizenship back and would love to retire there, in the town of Termini Imerese .
    Bon Natale e' Bon Anno!

  2. Hello from San DIego--I just discovered your blog, I am half Sicilian, my grandfather was born in Palermo...I am enjoying your photos, and look forward to someday visiting this beautiful place.

  3. That is one strong blue alright. I'd be willing to bet it can imbue you with a whole lot of calm! :-)

  4. Sicily is magical with many features reminiscent of the big island of Hawaii--blue seas and sky,
    volcanoes, beautiful flowers, warm people.


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