Monday, December 7, 2009

December in Sicily


Between working, creative projects, holidays, motherhood, there has been little time for blogging. Partly it is this gorgeous weather. Whenever there is free time, it has been much more appealing to unglue myself from the computer and head outdoors. At least these photos can give you a little idea of what we've been up to! More scenes from Ognina and the clouds above Riposto.


  1. I know what you mean about being glued to the computer - sometimes I think I'm addicted.

    Glad you are taking in the real world there in Sicily - and what a gorgeous world it appears to be! What were the fishermen catching? Have you heard of the Tonnara (tuna, if I spelled it correctly) fishing that happens there every year. I read a book on the ritual and men of the Tonnara by Theresa Maggio - very good.

    Enjoy it all and soak it in for me too! xo

  2. Hi Janis, thanks for the recommendation! I have visited some old tuna fisheries but have never seen the real thing. Very bloody by the looks of the photos. The ritual aspect must be fascinating. Hope you get to unglue yourself from your computer too and enjoy beautiful nor. Ca! And I think those little fish are anchovies..xo

  3. Thanks for sharing these beutiful pictures. I've never been to Sicily, my family originates from Abruzzi and Veneto. But I'd love to go there. Here in Canada we suffered a major snow storm with temperatures at 20 degrees below zero. Your pictures helped warm my day.
    Grazie molto.

  4. Thanks for your nice comment Mirella! Stay warm :)


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