Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Rome!

Just me. Free to be me all by myself (went away on an overnight work trip to Rome). A first in almost 3 years!

I had a non-stop private celebration throughout the two days of hard work. It didn't even matter that I hardly had a free minute to indulge in my favorite Italian city because there was plenty of time to do nothing but be me and that was what I wanted.

But as time ticked by, my legs instinctively itched for the airport, my heartstrings pulled me south. By the 35th hour or so (I was away for a total of 41), I couldn't wait to get back home to the little pieces of me that were patiently waiting for my return.

Snug. Perfect fit. And then I felt whole again.

Conclusions? It was great to have a little time away, but coming home is even better!


  1. It feels downright weird to be away from your kids when they are little!

  2. Thanks Mirella!

    You remember well, Saretta! But that gives me hope that someday it won't be so weird.

  3. That photo reminds me of my very first trip to Italy. The greens and corals :)

    ...and I completely understand the desire for alone time, and then the strong pull toward loved ones at home. Definitely...

  4. Whenever I do anything without Pata, I have the persistent feeling that I've forgotten something. I suppose that's how my brain tries to make sense of the strange feeling of not being with her.

    I love that photo.


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