Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring in Sicily

As signs of spring peak out from under the black volcanic rocks that give my neighborhood its name--la scogliera--I yearn for the little undeveloped patches overgrown with weeds and crumbling stone sheds that can be seen now and again along this otherwise very built up coastline. A lucky friend of mine has the fortune of living right next door to one of these patches of wonderful neglect (that's her patch in the photo), which at this time of year are bursting with life, no longer able to fit into their fences and terraced walls. Yellow, purple and orange blossoms, creeping vines and the sporadic olive or citrus tree are reminders of an altogether different landscape, similar to what can still be seen away from the urban centers on this part of the island. Putting together these bits and pieces it's not hard to imagine what this coastal area must have looked like 30 years ago. Beautiful, don't you think?


  1. I love nasturtiums, and how nice to see them growing wild like that! Do they survive the Sicilian summers well? Here they grow brilliantly on the coast, but just a little inland and they definitely need dapple - the size of the leaves differ too.

    Enjoy those beautiful patches and the spring weather this weekend xo.

  2. Just beautiful! I can not wait for spring to finally show up here!

  3. Hi Janis, I love the nasturtiums, too. They grow just inland in just about any overgrown lot. I think they will be around 'till early summer, but I'll have to take a closer look this summer and see how long the blossoms last.

    Hope your spring arrives soon, Debbie.

    Glad you agree W.L. I imagine you have some similary scenery in Modica?


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