Sunday, March 21, 2010

When nature takes over

I never imagined prickly pear cacti could grow spontaneously from the roof of an abandoned house (at least I don't think anyone would do this on purpose!), but here is the proof that such things do happen in Sicily.

This was one of our many photo opportunities from our morning exploring the Palagonia area in the Val di Catania.


  1. wow. Great image.
    I also love the new blog header.
    Is it your art?

  2. Hi Dana,
    Thanks! Yes that is my watercolor doodle :), hopefully conveys the whimsical side to being perpetually 'lost'!

  3. I agree with Dana on both points.

    I've seen lots of plants growing the roofs of abandoned houses (even small fig trees!) but never cacti.

  4. Love the new header and the cacti roof...sometimes getting lost and wandering can be so good, can't it?

  5. Oh My! I have this SAME photo. That house wasn't far from where we lived in Mineo. I used to love driving by it. Did you go to the dig nearby? Now I have to go find my photo. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing Sicily!

  6. Such a funny photo! Love it. And the bubblegum pink house adds to the wackiness.

  7. Hi Karen - I think I figured out why my comments were blocked - hooray!

    Love this house...

  8. Thanks for your comments!
    Karen from South of Rome, WOW, that is amazing! But such a unique site that I am not surprised that you also took a pic. Yes, we were in that area to visit the dig, but it was closed unfortunately. The hours were posted though, so we may go back some day. Not that far of a trip really. And in spring time the fields are so beautiful with all the wildflowers.

    Janis, yay, I have been meaning to write you back on email, but thank you for your persistence!!!


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