Sunday, May 2, 2010

All you ever wanted to know about Sicily

If you are interested in Sicilian history, please check out this video via, clever, humorous and most importantly, Sicilian! I could barely follow the narrator who speeds through the history of this island in a way I never dreamed was possible, but I love the graphics and the message is clear--Sicilian history is a jumble of clashing cultures and never ending change. Am also pleased to have discovered this new blog that, in addition to selling traditional Sicilian sweets and pastries in its on-line shop, also generously reveals some of those hidden gems about the island worthy of discovery for travelers and foodies alike. This post really makes me want to plan a trip to the Nebrodi mountains, an area neither myself or Sicilian hubby have visited.


  1. Thanks for the tip.
    I love the site already.

  2. Looks like a great site. Thanks for sharing it. We have also been wanting to visit the Nebrodi mountains. Perhaps this summer when we are all dying from the heat we should head to the mountains together.

  3. I love learning about these hidden little gems. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your nice words. We'll keep posting and we're happy you will follow us :)
    Alfredo at

  5. I've been in the Nebrodi. My grandfather was from Tortorici. They have an interesting, tiny little museum on early farm life in the area.

  6. I love it! ...but subtitles please ;^) Thanks for posting this, I need to share this with cousins :^)


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