Saturday, October 30, 2010

A special week and Licata

View of Licata from Castel San'Angelo

I am spiraling down from a fantastic week spent with one of my dearest friends in the whole world. Although a mother of three, she was able to spread her wings free and fly solo for an entire week of Sicilian fun. In return for this amazing feat I tried my best to immerse myself in celebration mode, for there was much to celebrate with this reunion: a life-long friendship, precious girl time, becoming a tourist myself through the eyes of a first time visitor to Sicily, sharing the rhythms of daily life here, and dare I mention, the beginning of a new decade (yes, we are both 40 now!).

In addition to just being together, catching up, lots of laughter, and of course shopping, we also accomplished A LOT. From a day at Taormina, to a tour of my favorite 'aci' towns, to several walks in Catania's centro storico, and a jeep ride up to the tip top of windy snowy Etna, I think I was able to share some of the local highlights with the somewhat authentic twist that comes from seeing the sites with someone who actually lives here and speaks the language. Along the way we talked with a lot of extremely friendly Sicilians who were curious about the English speaking tall blond and her shorter, darker companion (that would be me). This was a new sort of Sicilian hospitality that on my own or with my Sicilian husband has never seemed so intense. I blame it on the special energy that emanated from us as a couple of re-united best buddies on the rampage (and the fact that my pal is really quite stunning).

The week-long visit concluded with a family road trip. We designed the trip around a special meal at what has been rated as one of Sicily's finest restaurants, La Madia, located in the chef's hometown of Licata. We also had the pleasure of sleeping in the cutest apartment located in a lovely little piazza just across from Licata's port, Antica Dimora San Girolamo. In addition to this memorable evening in Licata, we were also able to visit some of the most pristine beaches I have ever seen in Sicily, located just to the east and west of Licata. The weather was perfect and the water glistening. Two brave souls (that would be my hubby and tall blond pal) actually went for swims, while the 3 year old and myself were content to collect shells and only get our feet wet. Along the way we also got to experience olive pressing, wine making, and the colorful ceramics of Caltagirone.

Reflecting back on this fantastic week I have the desire to bottle up all the good memories so I can take them out whenever I have the need for that special feeling that comes with spending time with friends who have know you for just about forever. Thank you for this wonderful week together Kris!
There she is swimming by a castle near Falconara!


  1. This is a beautiful post, reminding me to take time for friends. Because those times are the best! Thanks also for the reminder about La Madia--I've never been but hope to go someday soon...

  2. Yes, lovely post. It's always great to show someone around and see Sicily from another perspective. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  3. love the antica dimora , stayed there too-

  4. Great post, Karen! I am book marking the restaurant and the apt for a future weekend adventure. So glad we got to see you on Halloween.

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  7. I think often of my short trip with you in Sicily. Thank you for sharing your special world with me. If only I could spend every birthday sampling delicious Sicilian cuisine, exploring quaint towns and lounging on pristine beaches with my dearest friend!


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