Saturday, December 18, 2010

Date Night


On my recent flight back to Italy from the US, I got some good laughs watching Date Night starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell. I nearly woke up my sleeping son from all my silent jiggling and even let a few bursts of out loud laughter slip out. It was just the perfect blend of funny and not too heavy to help get me through the wee hours of the flight, which is probably why I liked it so much.

Our recent date night was of course nothing like the movie, but as we drove into 'the city' a few nights ago (that would be Catania) I couldn't help but get flashbacks of the movie, envisioning the suburban New Jersey couple driving into 'THE CITY' (that would be NYC), the seemingly innocent beginning to the night that would change their lives forever. Back in the real world of Catania, our evening was of course absolutely, perfectly, happily uneventful, just as expected. We simply rejoiced in the normalcy of a night out after dark as two adults, briskly walking through the maze of streets, arm in arm, bundled up in our winter coats, warming up while browsing in a random bookstore, and then back out to wander some more until finally deciding on our restaurant of choice.

All that is just a long segue into Razmataz, perfect in its cozy hippness for a relaxing meal on a cold wintry night. Most importantly it serves up some tasty and original food. The pizza was Roman thin and I opted for the tuma cheese /homemade eggplant tapanade smeared one and enjoyed every mouthwatering bite. Hubby prefers a thicker crust but that didn't stop him from gobbling down his tuma cheese/olive/anchoive/green onion smothered version. And there is a long list of more traditional pizzas too, not to mention all the non-pizza choices which may tempt us back for another one of our kind of date nights: simple. adult. fun.


  1. wow, this place looks nice. Thanks for the recommendation, I think we'll make it our next "date night".

  2. Ciao! Sounds like you had a great time. That movie looks very funny!

  3. Hi Americana, yes you should definitely try this place, it is very cute and tasty and not too expensive.

    Alessandra, you should definitely see this movie if you are in the mood for something light and some belly laughs.

  4. I understand the joy of the date night, too. Just recently we had an overnight (just one) date night. I had forgotten (1) how much energy and attention my daughter takes from me and (2) how much I love being alone with my husband. Often when we have an occasion to have a babysitter, we are out with friends, very rarely alone. While the overnight started with friends, the several hours the next morning alone walking the streets of Treviso were incredible for us. This is what I miss most about being away from family . . .the free (and frequent) babysitting service they provide! HA --just joking, sort of.

  5. I like that "normalcy" of a bookstore browse and simple fare. Though to have an evening walk through Sicilian streets would not be normal for us, but extraordinary and magical! (Oh maybe someday :^) Thank you for the evening tour, I pictured you enjoying your date night under Sicilian stars ... xo


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