Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Acitrezza - Home Sweet Sicily

Although I always feel a little wistful after a trip home to the U.S., the glorious days that greeted us here back in Sicily have made the transition into so-called normal life a little less bittersweet. No matter my degree of homesickness, I find it hard to be anything other than positive, upbeat and smiley when basking in sunshine and surrounded by an expanse of shining deep blue sea. Wouldn't you agree?

Add a bunch of colorful wooden fishing boats to the picture...

...and a kilo of the tiny edible clams known as telline that were sauteed and served up as part of Sunday lunch,

and the 'I must admit there are some advantages to living in Sicily' side of me starts rearing its stubborn head up once again.


  1. That's okay, let it "rear" - I can see and imagine why! xo

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos. I especially loved seeing the "Zampognari' at the Calatabiano Castel. He would be a wonderful subject for one of my paintings

  3. Your blog is so beautiful... I'm glad that someone is interested in Sicily and its culture, landscapes, uses... Sicily has so much to offer, it has a lot of resources! Good work! :-)


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