Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Details from Tindari

From our medieval perch of Montalbano Elicona, we took the slowly meandering road down to Tindari to get a closer look at the Tyrrenhian Sea and explore the anicent site. Down here the weather was much milder and the vegetation more abundant. Of course the first thing that strikes you is the view, always the view!
View of the nature reserve just below Tindari

Then the peaceful walk out of the hubbub around the church in Tindari that is home to the famous Madonna Nera. A row of modern houses line the narrow street that leads to the archaeological site. The people who live there are really residents of the ancient city--the site is their backyard and across the street are rows of rectangular stone blocks that once formed the city's exterior walls.

Once inside the site, we discovered the serene world of ancient Tindari. With few visitors, we had the architectural remains, mosaic floors, thermal baths, fields of clovers, a small museum, an informative and friendly guard, and even a family of playful dogs all to ourselves. We loved it!


  1. Buon Anno! We fell in love with that area in the fall when we were camping near the nature preserve and I am pretty sure I have a pic of that same little orange car. In the spring we should all return together to explore the nature preserve some more. It really is one of the most beautiful spots we have found in Sicily. So glad you started the New Year with such wonderful Sicilian adventures. Love the posts about your recent mountain/castle trips.

  2. Wow. Tindari looks gorgeous. I've never heard of it, but it's now on my list. Sicily has so many suprises, it's hard to keep up! Thank you.

  3. Lovely photos you have here. Sounds like a truly, wonderful and relaxing experience.

    You have a lovely and informative blog! Cheers! Will be back for more!
    Rambles with Reese

  4. Thanks for sharing. I will include this place in the spots I will share with my friends. I am assisting some friends in their Italy tours adventure and I think this place has a lot of things worth exploring.


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