Thursday, January 27, 2011

Morning Colors

I never enjoy early morning wakeups that are not of my own choosing. But with a 3 year old screaming "get up" at the top of his lungs, hiding under the covers doesn't really help. A few minutes of that and no hope of my son suddenly deciding to snuggle in bed with me, I do mange to get my groggy self up, feet dragging up the stairs, water (for my tea) and milk (for my son) warming on the stove, and then the opening of the shutters for a first glimpse outside to see what the day has in store for us. Lately it has been lots of clear, gorgeous skies and spectacular sunrises, and these colorful horizons shake me from my grogginess instantly. A few minutes of ooing and aweing over the glowing rising sun with my little early riser and we are guaranteed a happy morning together. So (dare I say it?) thank you little boy for shaking my lazy bum out of bed! My sleeping in late self is in disbelief at such a thought: rule #1 is we do not in any way want to reinforce the waking up early behavior my son is so fond of these days!


  1. . . .but i think you've done a fine job of reinforcing it by ooing and aweing with the tot ;) sorry, my friend, but I see a host of sunrises in your future!

  2. no, no! Don't reinforce it! lol! My oldest woke up at 5:30 am every day for years and years...ugh! He still gets up early, at 6, but now it's to study before school and we are not involved, thank goodness!

  3. Do you live right on the sea? What a gorgeous sunrise, and worth getting up early (once in a while) to enjoy.

  4. Beautiful sunrise... In this new (temporary) place we can see the sunrise. Looks so much like yours - must be a sister to your sun ;^) cat Rosie wakes me by licking my hair and head - something like a 3 year old only furry! xo

  5. HAHA! Love all the early morning wake up stories,
    all bring a smile to my face (it's nice knowing you're not the only one who has been/is forced to be an early riser).
    Yes we live near the water, Jann and for me that is one of the things we love most about our sicilian lives.
    Janis, love our sister sunrises and Rosie's morning wakeup kisses!


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