Friday, February 18, 2011


I had no idea it was such an important week for birds until I read Lucia's great post. It reminded me of the few memorable bird-related photos I have taken in the last several years (just a handful, really). By no means am I an expert and I do not have a zoom lens for my camera so in most cases the birds appear disappointingly distant. But, those rare moments where I have been at the right place just at the right time to be able to capture some memory of a few special bird sightings is exciting all the same. So, here is my very small tribute to birds. And thanks, Lucia, for inspiring me to dig up these old photos!

I saw this large bird (I think it is a hawk, correct me if I am wrong anyone) sitting on the post of a house as we were driving past. I made my husband stop and back up so I could take this picture -- it was such a surprise to see it there and I couldn't believe I was able to pick it out of the scenery from a moving car. This was taken somewhere on the road home to Aci Castello after a visit to I Portali shopping center in San Giovanni la Punta.

What did my little boy spy peering through the bars of this drain in Aci Reale's Belvedere Park?

This hidden bird's nest!

Moving on to Turkey, here, perched on the left side of the telephone pole you will see an adorable little owl. He could sit there for hours. At night his screeches would wake me up. At dusk and dawn he could be seen hopping around in the fields hunting.

I have no idea what this colorful bird is called. These birds would usually be seen when driving through the Turkish countryside at dawn or dusk. They would be sitting on the roads in groups and would scatter away as soon as the roar of the car approached. Their green-blue feathers always caught my eye and I would strain to catch a fleeting glimpse of them on these long drives. So you can imagine my surprise when we had a chance to see one of these birds up close in our village's muddy watering hole. The poor thing was hurt and after venturing up close for a good photo we left it alone as it was obviously frightened. I hope it managed to recover and return to its feathered flock.


  1. Love bthat one of your toddler! Lovely bird photos, too.

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