Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the garden

Here's what we've been eating A LOT of lately....

The freshness of veggies from your own garden can't been beat, it's just hard to consume so much of the same vegetable all at once. We've been giving some away, but also trying to find creative ways to eat cauliflower. We've been eating it raw, steamed, sauteed, in soup, with and without pasta, in a souffle, and I'm ready to try a curried version as we are running out of variations (any one have any good recipe suggestions?).

And here are my constant companions during the outdoor forays into our garden on sunny days.

We've recently planted some berry bushes (raspberry, blueberry, and black berry). Our strawberry patch does very well, but not sure if these varieties will actually be able to thrive and produce fruit in this climate. But who can resist the thought of picking fresh berries from their own backyard, so thought it would be fun to try! Also can't wait to see if the wisteria we planted last year will blossom this year! Yes, I am itching for spring!


  1. Wow, the color of your veggies - the real thing! And the curry idea sounds good.

    I wish I can help you with recipes, but my husband is the cook, and I make the sugo, and that's about all I know (I've got to work on that) ;^)

    Looking forward to seeing your spring garden!

  2. So pretty! I've never tired it, but I've heard of people eating cauliflower like pure' or mashed potatoes . . . hmm, may be worth a shot?

    I'm ready for spring, too :) This morning there was a bit of sleet where I live. . . where or where is spring?

  3. Thanks you two., and thanks for the recipe tip Dana, I bet kids might even like pureed mashed potatoes! Will have to try it. While yesterday felt like spring, today it is nowhere in sight!

  4. I just found another soup recipe that I will have to try. It has cream of buckwheat as the starter and you add chicken stock, cauliflower and eventually milk and cheddar cheese. I think there are a few onions in there as well. Don't know if you can get buckwheat in Sicily. It did sound rather interesting.

    Also, I seem to recall someone using a tempura batter and frying cauliflower. Sounds good too! I just like it the way my grandparents and parents cooked it at Christmas time. Boiled and then saute'd in olive oil until brown. YUM!

    Love your garden pictures!

  5. Thanks for the recipe tips, Debbie. I think your grandparents knew what they were doing: simple and delicious.


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