Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sicilian inspiration

Thanks to my 3 year old's active imagination, we have become a Sicilian puppet obsessed household: playing with miniature puppets, role playing knights and kings and princesses and dragons and all that, seeing puppet shows, reading about puppet shows, watching u-tube videos of puppet shows, and now, since I have not been able to find any children's books on the subject, I have gotten it into my head to create one myself. Nothing elaborate, just a simple story about the most well-known characters of the Sicilian puppet world: Orlando (Roland in English) and Rinaldo. According to legend, the two were cousins, nephews of Charlemagne and the strongest knights of Charlemagne's army. This illustration of Orlando will probably be a little guide to his most important features: always dressed in red silks, a large black mustache, a dove on top of his helmet, a famous sword that is said to have originally belonged to Hector of Troy. Fortunately with all the pupi we have in the house it is easy to find models to sketch from!


  1. Sounds like a good idea for a book! Go for it!

  2. What a gorgeous drawing! And a super idea to do a book--adults like me will read it too, since I've never understood this whole Sicilian puppet world, or all those painting on the carts, which (I think) have something to do with the puppet stories...

  3. Thank you all! I know what you mean, Jann, I didn't understand a thing about the puppets until I was swamped by information through my son's sort of grows on you :)!!!


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