Monday, February 14, 2011

To the snow: Montecampione

Our 'white week' in the snow was the warmest in years according to the locals. Nothing but blue skies and sun. A gentle way to ease back into one of my favorite pastimes of my younger years. I don't mean sound old but this was my first time back on skis in about 20 years. 'Just like riding a bike' I was told countless times, and to my great surprise it really was. After a one-hour lesson and several hours of getting the feel for the sport, it was like I had never stopped. I could never have anticipated that I would enjoy the movement, the speed, the wind in-face and snow spraying and all that, but I really loved it. And that was just a bonus since the real reason for the trip was for the little boy to get his fill on winter wonderland, something he has been asking about for some time ('I want the snow to fall on my head' is one recent quote). With those sunny skies, no snow landed on our heads, but there is nothing cuter than seeing a 3 year old wearing little tiny skis, bundled up in those snow clothes, and happily snow plowing between the legs of the ski instructor along with the other midget skiers. The ski resort was small, but given the beauty of the Alps, the easy access to the slopes, and the excellent ski school, we didn't mind. We hardly left Montecampione, but on our last day visited the UNESCO world heritage site of Valcamonica for a walk through the woods to experience the prehistoric rock incisions the area is famous for. We were completely blown away by the beauty of these timeless images of deer, people, houses, carts and other more mysterious renderings. If only we had more time for exploring the area.


  1. I love skiing and it's one of the biggest things I miss about Alaska winters... some future winter when we have more money I want to spend every weekend on the slopes. I've already gone to Madonna in Campiglio, next i want to conquer Etna!

  2. Neat wall carvings! So amazing to think how long they've been there. And I wonder what was passing through the minds of those who created that art?

  3. Yes, the snow is fun, do you ever make it up to Etna, Pat?

    I bet the skiing is great in Alaska! I have never skied on Etna, nor in Trentino for that have to tell Enta is!

    Yes, Saretta, the carvings are really incredible, and the quantity of them in that region unbelievable. On one rock alone there might be hundreds of images.

  4. It is truly an amazing place, isn't it? I haven't been exactly in the area you visited, but have spent time in the Dolomiti. I could move there, tomorrow. I'm sure. I could find peace there. And the sun!!

  5. I love Montecampione and this area. The ski site is which has even more information on where to stay. We go every year but the resort is a little small (only 35kms)


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