Monday, March 7, 2011

Beautiful Ortigia

As we sped towards Siracusa on Saturday, the gray clouds that hovered over Catania were gradually replaced by gorgeous sunshine and strong winds. The water around the little island of Ortigia was noisy with crashing waves that seemed much more like ocean than sea. But once away from the shore and protected by the tight network of the island's narrow streets there was no wind at all. A great day for wandering around this beautiful town.
The tips of the papyrus plants danced in the wind.
Splashes of color dangling from succulent-filled balconies.
The duomo's ancient foundation: layers of old, newer and newest.

Must come back soon!


  1. Oh those photos call to me... that first one is just gorgeous. Since I cannot be there, take me in your pocket! Enjoy all those beautiful colors and textures... xo

  2. Janis, you must plan a visit! You have a free place to stay (chez moi, seriously!xox)

  3. One of my favorite spots in Sicily...glad you got there on such a beautiful day. Sorry we didn't make it by the other night...we were all wiped out after our Carnevale experience. But what about getting together later this week?

  4. Hello, I am in Ortigia for two months, eating, cooking and writing about food for my blog -

    We just got back from the piazza Duomo where we sat in the sun and sipped coffee. mmmm.

  5. Lovely photos, reminding me what a beautiful city it is.


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