Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life goes on: Itay's flag

Sad and frightening things are happening in the world. But here the sun creates its Sicilian magic, the sea is calm, nothing is out of place, life goes on as always. There are even holidays. Today we celebrate the birth of Italy as a nation, 150 years ago to be exact. Not much patriotism going on around here, but it is hard to ignore the sudden appearance of the green, white and red flags hanging in front of houses and being waved around the piazza by children. And of course our little boy wanted to join in the flag waving. Alas, all pre-fab flags were sold out. We resorted to quickly (can't you tell?) stitching a homemade Italian flag from the fabric scraps we dug up. We also read up on the symbolism of the flag's colors (not even the Italian hubby could tell me the answer without the help of wikipedia). Turns out green is the color of hope, while white and red represent the colors common to many Italian cities pre-unification. While the word hope trigged a moment of thoughtful silence for the adults, the little boy, blissfully ignorant of the world's sad events, continued to happily wave his flag and promptly requested a Chinese one and an American one. I think I'll make a Japanese one, too. If he still has flag fever tomorrow morning I'll definitely be switching from the sloppy sewing to the fabric pens.


So much red and green to be found in our backyard garden this afternoon, couldn't help but snap a few patriotic nature shots.


  1. Your flag looks fine to me! Love the nature shots.

  2. I love your flag! I wondered how the day was celebrated throughout the country. There are large-scale things happening here, events that continue into this weekend, and, of course, the flags are everywhere. The only other time we seem to see them quite like this is during soccer matches. (Is it the World Cup?)

  3. Thanks to both of you!
    Here there were some concerts in town, LOTS of people out because it was such a beautiful day, eating out, hanging out in parks and piazzas. It was nice.

  4. I didn't know it was Italy's birthday and the meaning of the colors of the flag, thank you for that! And I love the homemade flag so much better than a pre-fab one too! Lucky little boy, experiencing great moments... x

  5. i'm a first generation canadian, of sicilian parents (pachino, siracusa)... so happy to find your blog and your experiences while living in sicily. so fascinating.


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