Friday, July 22, 2011

Back tracking: a few days in Rome

I have been away in Turkey again, which I hope explains my long absence. But here I am back in Sicily with a chance to sit down and back track through some summer photos. Being home again feels great - swimming, sun and of course granitas! But several months ago before going to Turkey we spent a few days in Rome, where the cool beverage of choice is an icy grattachecca. We were lucky because it had just gotten warm enough to crave the sweet and sour combination of a limon-cocco shaved ice, one our favorite Roman treats. We made the walk to the father-son grattachecca stand in our old neighborhood. The father's job is to shave the solid block of ice by hand to create a cupfull of the crunchy coldness. The son then gets to work on flavoring the ice with plenty of sugary syrup, the juice of several freshly squeezed lemons, and a handful of fresh chunks of coconut meat. This is more of an edible beverage than a drinkable one (both spoon and straw are needed), and it really cools you down during those hot Roman summers. If you are not a lemon-coco fan (you have to try it at least once, really!) there are other combos with fresh fruit bits or the full range of flavoured syrups to pick from. Okay, now I'm craving something cold, maybe its time for a granita!


  1. Welcome back. I could do with some of that drink right now!

  2. Thanks Welshcakes, hope you are having a lovely summer.

  3. Mmmmmm. My kids especially loved the granitas! The grattachecca sounds even better.

    Also -- I wanted to let you know that I couldn't help but nominate you for the "7 Links Project" because I love your blog! Be well.

    Saluti da California!

  4. My husband and I were just in Acireale for my friend's wedding and had a few granitas while we were there. I wish I was still there!

  5. Barabara, thank you so much! I had no idea you had moved back to California, we will miss having you in Italy!

    HLW, Acireale has some very tasty granitas - lucky you!


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