Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baia del Riccio

Not only am I lucky to have lovely friends, I am lucky to have lovely friends that generously share their beautiful summer homes. This one is located half way between Catania and Siracusa along the beautiful Baia del Riccio (Sea Urchin Bay). The house is on the edge of a cliff. And yes, seeing my little one up against the bars like that gives me vertigo and makes my heart skip a beat, but I like the drama of the little guy against all that blue. Looking straight down from that position is the view you see on top, while turning your head towards Catania will give you the view  on the bottom. On a clear day Etna is spectacular and I heard they had great views of the eruptions at night, too. The days we spent here between the terrace with a view and down in the water below will remain with me for a long time for the simple joys of friendship and summer fun.  


  1. is it a nice spot for swimming? looks like it but couldn't be sure. I've been trying to research a good beach spot to get to by train or bus from Siracusa next summer.


  2. Hi Kelly, I don't think this spot would be easy to get to by bus! There are so many beautiful beaches on the other side of Siracusa though, going towards Noto, maybe you should check in that direction, although I have no experience with the buses! Good luck.

    1. Noto is wonderful. No idea of the beaches there. One time I was @ Ortigia, Siracusa, and, maybe, I had a bath there!

  3. loved your post, my friend! Miss you heaps!

  4. Glad you liked the post Marina!!! Looking back at all the summer photos makes me miss the relaxed sunny days...and of course you! xoxo

  5. Every time I come over here I find another place I must visit!


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