Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beautiful Sicilian Beaches: Isola Bella

I am still feeling compelled to get all my summer tidbits recorded so I can hurry up and embrace the fall (which I am doing in real life!).

This summer I did not actually go for a swim in the crystal clear paradise of Isola Bella. But, I did get to gaze at its splendor from a terrace with the most perfect view of the cove. I couldn't tear my eyes away. Nor could I stop gawking at the villa next door, just gorgeous don't you think? The owners of the apartment we visited rent their vacation home out for most of the summer. Apparently a group of young Scandinavians who rented the place for a week managed to hop the fence and go for a midnight dip in the neighbor's pool. The neighbors didn't even raise a fuss - they just thought it was their own kids splashing around for some late night fun! Now that's a lesson in neighborly love we can all be inspired by!


  1. Isola Bella sounds really good place. Thanks for sharing your experience. Like to listen your views. Capture is really beautiful and adorable....
    Good Share..!!!


  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! And pretty nice-looking villas & castle, too.

  3. Oh what a place, I must go. I always think of Sicily as dry (?) I guess not. This Sicilian girl must go and see for herself someday!

    So good to be back here and to see/read you again... baci-baci

  4. I'm tickled pink that someone named an island after us!


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