Tuesday, February 28, 2012

After the storm

There was a really big storm that rattled us last week. Powerful winds and heavy rains. Flooding was predicted and did occur in parts of Catania and Messina, but overall not as bad as other flooding that has happened recently in Sicily. As a precaution, schools were closed for two days. Other than flickering lights and intermittent internet connection we felt quite safe inside our house.

But the day after, the bashing the yard had taken was pretty dramatic. The yard is built directly on top of lava rock, meaning that the roots of the tall trees cannot anchor down too deep in what is quite shallow soil. The worst was a 60 year old pine tree that toppled the morning after the storm after having been partially uprooted. Luckily it fell towards the street and not the house.

A lot of smaller pines ended up being quite crooked, as well as the loquat tree. A cracked wall, a thick carpet of pine needles covering everything, a few small potted plants ending up in unexpected places, a large cactus is quite horizontal. I guess it could have been worse, but it was quite sad to see the tree down and chopped to pieces with noisy chain saws.

I drove the tree trimming crew nuts with my requests to cut up the trunk into stumps, who then had to figure out how to carry those heavy logs back in the yard as I certainly could not. But in memory of that beautiful tree, we now have a dirt hole surrounded by a random assortment of tree stumps. I'm thinking of lots of stools and planters. Still undecided if we'll be planting a new tree or not in its place, but I am thinking come summer, we'll really be wanting our shady tree back, or at least its replacement.


  1. Oh, what a pity about the tree but so glad you are all safe. Those winds were scary.

  2. Oh no, that big beautiful, shady tree! How did you fare last night? Hope all is well.


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