Sunday, August 5, 2012

A busy summer

I've been busy, but here I am saying hello, emerging from an extremely hectic period of various work projects and family visits. All that excitement has prepared me for the loveliness of a completely uneventful August, which will be focused on hanging around and enjoying the summer paradise we are fortunate enough to call home. But before I completely forget all the excitement of what happened these last few months let me do some reminiscing....

It all started with a 10 day work trip to Amman, Jordan, that included some excursions, such as a trip to the archaeological site of Jerash. Despite the heat, it was amazing to walk through the ancient streets of the place. The site is slowly being 'reconstructed', the original architectural fragments are being pieced together to rebuild the ancient city and the result is truly impressive.

Then, I had the honor of hosting the whole American gang who came together to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! How amazing is that? We took an excursion to Scicli, a gorgeous Baroque town nestled in a rocky valley in the Ragusa provence. We fully enjoyed sleeping at the Hotel Novecento and our spontaeneous walking tour of the town, where we were often greeted by expressive heads sticking out from building facades such as the mustached man above.
Ragusa Ibla was high on my list of places to visit and I concur with all that I have read and heard about it, a truly beautiful place that deserves much more exploring than we had time to do. The little that we saw (and the large quantities of food we consumed at il Duomo) were well worth it for a memorable evening of family celebration. 
The excursion ended with a few days of relaxation at the Falconara beach resort near Licata. Here we enjoyed the private beach in a little bay of warm turquoise water next to a castle, a trip into Licata for wine tasting and later a delectable seafood dinner right on the sands of Licata's playa.

I'm running out of steam here so I'll be back with some more local adventures shortly!


  1. How wonderful to have visited Jordan. I'm glad you liked Ragusa and Scicli.

  2. I love this blog, your photos, and posts that take us to Real Life, Sicilian style. Grazie!

    Also, wanted you to know that the blog is included in the new Online Resources section of "100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go".

  3. Dear Welshcakes, thank you for you message....I indeed liked your area very much, so beautiful.

    Susan thank you so much for your nice words and for informing me about this new resource which I look forward to looking at myself!


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