Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fire magic

We finally lit up the fire pit on our front terrace a few weeks ago.

I had been craving this moment since the new fire pit had been delivered this summer, waiting impatiently for an evening that was cool enough to make you want to snuggle around a fire.

We lit it together - a base of charcoal, a small mound of bark from our fallen tree, some lighter fluid, and voila.

The magical effect was instantaneous. This was no longer an ordinary dinner, we would be roasting hot dogs on sticks!

The 5 year old was entranced. The improvised bamboo roasting sticks did the job even though they tended to catch on fire if not well tended. After awhile, though, that did become the point for the 5 year old. Not unexpected, this was his first experiecne sitting around an open fire.

Then it started to rain making the atmosphere even more magical as we stayed warm and dry under the overhang of our terrace while the rain came down noisely just outside our reach.

We rekindled the fire several times, but eventually it began to dwindle, and way past the usual bedtime hour we reluctantly stepped away from the warm glow.


  1. We miss you guys and have such good memories of sitting round our fire pit with you. May you have many more magical nights around the fire together. Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving!

  2. The whole setting looks so dreamy, warm, magical... I think the fire pit (on your terrace) would make me feel as entranced as a child ... X

  3. One of the things that we inherited when we bought our house in Cianciana is a little charcoal bbq that could double as a firepit. Can't wait to set it up on our terrazza and use it!


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