Monday, November 26, 2012


I never knew sewing a patch could be so much fun!

Thanks to pinterest I was inspired by this post to turn the hole in my son's jeans into a vampire monster (he's really into vampires these days).

I backed the hole with red pile fabric sewn on by hand with embroidery thread. I then set about hand stitching the eyes and teeth with embroidery thread.

Not confident in the strength of my sewing, I backed the whole thing with a square of fabric cut from an old pair of jeans attached with Peel n Stick fabric adhesive.

Several washings and so far so good.

I'm kind of hoping the other knee will rip soon so I can make monster #2.

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  1. Good Lord! what an adorable idea!!! Now, if only my 16 year old son would let me ...

    my husband is military and was stationed at Sig. I love Sicily, i miss it dreadfully. Southern California is nice, but Sicily is magical. You are so fortunate!!

    thank you for putting together such a wonderful blog.



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