Monday, February 4, 2013

Departure: getting there is half the fun

The night before departing for our settimana bianca ("white week", aka ski trip) we spent some family time bonding over the 5 year old's favorite board game, while our cat, who also happens to be called Bianca, joined in on the fun as best she could. After playing around with the plastic Monopoly pieces for awhile, she decided to curl right up in the center of what she perceived to be the action for a nap. That's her in our Monopoly box. She has loved squeezing into cozy spaces ever since she was a kitten. Doesn't look very comfortable, does it? But sure is cute. 

A few days later we were driving along Lago di Como surrounded by beautiful scenery en route to our final destination, located somewhere in the distance among the snowy peaks.  

We stopped at the pretty little town of Menaggio to stretch our legs along the narrow pebbly beach thanks to the 5 year old's prompting. 

He was doing the best he could on what for him felt like the never ending drive. By the second hour it had started to sound like this: "Can you be quiet I'm lying down now!! I feel car sick!!! This is such a long drive!!! Can you stop saying 'beautiful' mamma!! Yucky mountains, why do you have to be so far away? Can we stop now? I'm hungry!!!"

Along the lake there were lots of ducks and swans to greet us, fighting over cornetto crumbs offered by the 5 year old. It was sunny and clear, but the air was chilly and breezy.  

Now that we've reached our snowy destination, the mountains aren't so yucky after all, but I'll save that story for another day...  


  1. Ciao! I can just imagine the road have such a witty way to descriibe it!!!
    Love your Monopoli game, did not know a junior version even existed......can we come over to play it when you get back?
    ENJOY the mountains!

  2. Thanks Marina!!!!!! We will have fun playing Jr. Monoply (goes a lot faster than the original version!!!) - hope you are having a great week - big kiss


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