Friday, February 15, 2013

Mystery Muse 1

My intention to be more creative lead me to Artella's Annual Mystery Muse Exchange. It's simple, you commit to making two artistic gifts for your muse during the month of February, and in exchange you will receive two offerings from your assigned muse-e. The gift can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. There are absolutely no requirements other than the act of making and giving. I know very little about my muse other than her name, address, and the word she chose - CREATIVE - to guide me. But still, having a muse has been really inspirational. My idea was to make something to honor her commitment to being creative. I have always been attracted to simple symbols, and hands are one of my favorites, so that's how I ended up making a sort of miniature devotional shrine to the power of the creativity she possesses as symbolized by the hands, a loving and whimsical reminder that she is the creative spirit she intends to be.

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