Saturday, August 24, 2013

Artsy L.A. (again)

I can't tell you how exciting it is to come back to this space! 

The last 4 months have been so busy, but let me start with what for me has been the most memorable - a full whole month of Los Angeles summer living. The month of July was all about spending time with my family, especially my mom, who has been going through so much this last year. I was also on full time mommy duty, and it was so fabulous for my son to have some new experiences immersed in his second culture. 

I have such a desire to bundle up all the goodness of July 2013 deep into my being. Looking back over my snapshots I am especially enamored with all of the artsy things we did. Here are a few!

Praying Mantis crazy creature sculpture made during a kid's art class at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena. Lots of chances to hunt for real creatures, too.

Graffiti art in the parking lot of the Pasadena Museum of California Art is a whimsical a precursor to the galleries above, which we really enjoyed.

Los Angeles Nomadic Division art installation at the Farmer's and Merchant Bank in downtown L.A. The painted rainbow by Olga Koumoundouros was definitely our favorite here, not only for its colors, but also for its unexpected twists and turns that lead you on a sort of treasure hunt throughout this lofty former bank building, showing up in some very unexpected spaces.

At MOCA an installation by Urs Fisher involved the participation of 1500 people who helped him sculpt objects small and large out of clay over a 3 month period. Imagine an entire warehouse full of clay creations! It was incredibly fun to wander through the mass of objects lining the floors, walls, and banisters of this many roomed space. My son learned a lot about what you can do with clay by observing the objects in this exhibit. Let's just say the block of clay I had coincidentally purchased the week before for some creative fun with the cousins got a lot more use after seeing this show.

We also discovered a neighborhood that is new to me known as the LA Art District. It felt like a west coast East Village, full of hipsters, street art, restaurants and cafes. Seems like some serious gentrification is taking place in this corner of downtown LA. We had a great meal at Zip Sushi and I also heard that the place across the street serves some delicious sausages.

The exhibit on Sicilian antiquities at the Getty Villa inspired us to make the drive out to Malibu. It was quite moving to experience three beautifully designed and succinctly explained rooms dedicated to Sicily during the time of Greek and Roman dominion, which required borrowing art from across the island as well as from distant collections in Europe and North America. The Mozia Charioteer was by far the most impressive piece in the show, but seeing works from familiar places like Aidone, Syracuse and Catania all preciously assembled in Los Angeles was quite an experience. I am regretting we didn't bring the catalogue home with us, but at the time I was concerned about getting such a bulky book into our already bulging luggage. We also spent time visiting the permanent collections, and took advantage of the hands on learning opportunity in a kid's area where one of the themes was ancient pottery techniques.  

And just for fun...
 The mosaic high top window display at the Converse store in Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade.  

And the wildly painted bathroom mural in Cafe Gratitude, where you can get lost in the minute hand drawn details of artist Jon Marro and then look in the mirror and read "I adore myself and everyone else". 

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  1. Welcome back! Sounds like a wonderful summer and love the photos.


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