Saturday, October 19, 2013

A day in Catania

This colorful vespa 
greeted us first thing
a sign
our meandering day in Catania 
would be a good one

The blue sky and sunshine 
bring out the colors of the city
black and white contrasts
warm earth tones of painted facades 
framing the striking Art Nouveau monument 
Teatro Bellini

The city's symbol
this cute elephant
perched on top of a fountain
bearing the weight an obelisk
They call him 'u Liotru'

The fish market is quite calm at this time of day
but the stench of fish lingers in the air
the mucky puddles block the way
this is Catania, gritty and real

An ancient structure survives in the middle of the city
Catania is like this
unexpected antiquity 
a little neglected
(or maybe a lot)
the remains of a bath house
built from brick and volcanic rock

Graceful ornamentation
gives an elegant touch 
makes you forget the city grime
if you just take the time to look up
and really see

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