Monday, October 7, 2013

Beautiful Sicilian Beaches: Terrasini and Cala Rossa

More of my birthday weekend adventures and two spots I don't ever want to forget!

On route from Palermo to Trapani I was determined to swim somewhere exceptionally beautiful that I had never been to before. Let me tell you, despite all that coast line, it is not easy to find exceptionally beautiful swimming spots outside of natural reserves. But yet again, thanks to hubby, we did.

Beautiful spot #1: Terrasini - La Praiola

Peering down at this sandy cove from the cliffs of this cute little town, there was no way I was not going swimming in that water. This beach was easy to get to by a long flight of stairs. It's the main city beach and there was even a lifeguard on duty.  Windy day, shallow sandy bottomed, gentle waves, perfect. 

Parked above that beach was this little truck that we had driven all over town looking for. In the back of the truck is a set up for making fresh pannelle panini. That would be a slab of fried chickpeas squashed between a soft roll. Not excactly light fare, but oh so delicious and something you only find around Palermo. 

Beautiful spot #2: Cala Rossa Beach

Not so far away from beautiful spot #1 is Cala Rossa beach that was recommended to us by a local hubby stopped to ask somewhere along the way. A sign welcomes you and we took what was written on it as a good omen of what was to be found at the end of the narrow path heading down ("The beauty of this beach also depends on you - take your trash with you - THANKS!')
The first glimpse looks promising indeed.

Gorgeous! We changed into our bathing suits behind the rocks and paddled around for awhile before spotting  a big ole' jellyfish! We dried off on the rocks and played and picked out some pretty pink pebbles to take home as souvenirs. Did not want to leave this lovely spot!


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