Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lunching at Siculiana Marina, Agrigento

The road we took to our post-Scala dei Turchi lunch destination dead ends at the sweetest seaside cluster of beach rentals and restaurants in Siculiana Marina. I kept calling it a town, but was told repeatedly by my companions that this place was too small to be called a town. Just a handful of buildings, some striking white cliffs, sand, and sea.

Hubby had found the restaurant that brought us to this sweet spot on TripAdvisor, and by the looks of it we were not disappointed. We were lead to a table for three on the covered outdoor patio and happily sat down to a panoramic view of the sea. Soon we were munching on breadsticks and admiring the seafood menu that was a mix of familiar favorites and intriguing unknowns. 

The raw fish platter we shared as an appetizer was not the highlight even though it was tasty. We have gotten so used to the fresh local seafood where we live that our tastebuds can detect any lowering of our usual standards. This is not really from being food snobs, but a natural consequence of living in the midsts of a vibrant fishing community that guarantees a level of flavorful freshness I have not encountered anywhere else.

It was the house specialty that got me really excited and fortunately my famished hubby had decided to order it. When his mountain of homemade nero di sepia (squid ink) spaghetti slathered in an almond pesto sauce with scampi arrived at our table I could not take my eyes off it. My own dish, grilled tuna, looked so dull in comparison. Hubby could sense the food envy I was suffering, not at all my usual style, and generously handed over his dish when he was only half way done. I savored every bite of this strange sounding dish, but let me tell you it was pure, edible genius.

The final twist to this happy tale is that my son, the little boy who gags at the smell of fish, decided he wanted to try the dish I had ordered and discreetly rejected in favor of my husband's meal. Oh happy day! Turns out he loved the sesame encrusted tuna and devoured the entire plate.

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